Thursday, July 8, 2010

Shanghai Expo -- Better City, Better Life

YuanYuan Fang - PATH
The TOP 2 topics in Shanghai, or in China now, are the FIFA World Cup and the Shanghai EXPO. At least that’s the case for me! Thanks to the busy schedule of internship, I haven’t had opportunity to visit the EXPO site. However, not a single day here while I'm in Shanghai that I can’t feel the impact of the EXPO.

Vertical Green
How to make good use of the vertical walls in the City to contribute to reduce carbon emission? It’s said with the vertical plant technology, office/residential buildings can reduce electricity bill for air-conditioner.

Expo – People People People
The full name of China is "People’s Republic of China". 'People' is the first word of China which will be in line with any visitor’s impression of the Shanghai Expo .... Astonishing figure of 500,000 people visiting a day!

Hotels are fully booked in Shanghai, many visitors and tourist groups have to stay in nearby cities such as Hang Zhou, Suzhou, etc.

The financial center of Shanghai.

This area is on the east side of the HuangPu river, ‘the mother river of Shanghai’. Accompanying the economic growth in Shanghai, buildings in the area are continuing to grow, higher, and higher, and higher ....

The Pavilions at the Shanghai EXPO are really exhibitions of architecture wonders.

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