Thursday, August 5, 2010

How Inland Provinces in China Share the Economic Benefit in China

In China, there are over 30 provinces. It’s interesting to know that there’s a government body called ‘Bureau of cooperation and exchange’. Each province, city, county, even some town/village in China has its own bureau. The organization is responsible for promoting cooperation and exchange of information, attract investment from public and private sectors. In short, they serve as embassies of their homeland, to know people and get known by people from outside. Supported by its own level of government, they usually have offices in Beijing (capital of China) and key cities such as Shanghai. Offices in Beijing are mainly responsible to PR to the central government for favorite policy or funding to home town/city/province. Offices in Shanghai, on the other hand, serve as a window for outside world to understand their homeland and info hub for business and investment to bring outside people, information, technology and investment back home. For many inland provinces, these offices have played important role to share the prosperous of east coastal areas to contribute to development of local economic. On top of that, they also serve as service center in Beijing or Shanghai for people from their region.

In the picture below, it is the Tibet office in Shanghai, Tibet Tower. The building is located in downtown Shanghai and you can tell by the look that it’s Tibet architecture style. There’s a hotel in the building run by US hotel chain. It has become the embassy of the highland province in Shanghai, the economic center of China.

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